Kristina Miller is a bi-coastal actor who grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. This desert rat spent most of her childhood dancing, singing and charging her parents pocket change to come see shows she created in the living room. Falling in love with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron in American in Paris at a young age, she knew she wanted to perform. But when her parents took her to see Agatha Christie’s, The Mousetrap on the West End, she knew she wanted to be an Actor. In her 11 year old mind, these actors had been playing out this murder mystery for over 50 years! Getting to live out an Agatha Christie mystery every night and keep people guessing, sounded like the most incredible job in the world!

Since finishing her Bachelors of Fine Arts from AMDA, she has been blessed enough to continually work as an actor in many regional theatres, an international tour, short films, web series and commercials! Kristina is incredibly passionate about her work. She believes that actors are in the unique position to truly affect change in people’s lives. She loves to make people laugh and help them escape from real life through her work.

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Fun Facts!

Currently Studying with Lesly Kahn & Co.

Personal Log Line: Alison Brie meets Emily Blunt.

Toured the world with the amazingly talented cast of Barbie, Live! As Barbie’s best friend, Teresa!

Has been told is a mix between Carol Burnett and Julia Roberts.

Is obsessed with Doctor Who and if anyone connected to the show happens to be reading this; the Doctor needs an American companion…just saying! Also, bow ties are cool.  😉

Tap is her favorite form of dance!