Bali, An Unexpected Journey.

Hello World! I got to spend 10 days in Bali. It was something that’s for sure. I wish I could say it was magical and changed my life but unfortunately it was no Eat, Pray, Love for me. I did enjoy myself though. A group of 9 of us rented a house.  We were very […]

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The Unexpected

Hello World!  Sorry this is sooo Late! What a great couple weeks of shows in Indonesia. We had a weekend in Surabaya and then a week in Jakarta. Both went incredibly well but the turn over was brutal. Our crew works so hard it’s stupid. But we were able to open in Jakarta with out […]

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…

Hello World! Sorry its been a couple of weeks but we’ve been busy! We finished up the most difficult week of shows yet. Two shows a night, 10 shows in all, in 90 degree heat and 80-90% humidity, outdoors.  Definitely learned all about stamina.  The audience was just as enthusiastic as if we were in […]

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Kuala Lampur = Monkeys, Caves and a Trip!

Well Hello Kuala Lampur! The past ten days have been crazy! The week started out very calm and relaxing. Some of the cast, myself included, have  taken the opportunity to start the Insanity 90 day work out challenge. To make it more interesting we have split up into small groups to see who holds out […]

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Hong Kong

Hello World! Wow! What an amazing week in Hong Kong! This place is just like New York. I wish we were spending more time here. I feel like there is still so much to see. Apparently in order to live in Hong Kong you have to own an epic car. They’re everywhere, like Honda’s. There […]

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Shenzhen…We were there, then we left!

Hello World! So last week we were in Shenzhen. It is not as exciting as it sounds. Many became sick and/or injured. Definitely the biggest culture shock thus far on tour. It’s only about 30 years old and made from a landfill, so there’s not a lot of culture besides a different language and different […]

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Phi Phi Islands

It was a very early to catch a cab to the airport. Our flight wasn’t till 8:40 but we left at 6 cause of traffic…we made it there in a half hour. But what are you going to do. We chilled had some coffee. Brenna and I were stuck in the very last row of […]

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Elephants in Thailand

Elephants! So we went and rode elephants this week. It was the most incredible experience. I mean just humbling. We took a van at 6 am to a sanctuary about 4 hours outside of Bangkok. It was the most uncomfortable ride ever. It’s a 14 passenger van, they are prevalent in Bangkok, that we filled. […]

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Bangkok week 1

Hello World! Wow what an incredible week so far in Bangkok! This week has definitely been a bit of a culture shock. This city is crowded..I will never ever complain about LA traffic again. This city at certain times of the day, well most times of the day will just shut down into a grid […]

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Week 2

Hello World! Wow Two weeks down! Crazy! It feels like its been a month. Well in this week I have done two radio interviews, a two hour media event, 12 shows and a World Premiere of a new musical….no biggie. My first radio interview was with Chelsea (Barbie) and Randy (Ken). Charmaine (The DJ interviewer) […]

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