Bangkok week 1

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Wow what an incredible week so far in Bangkok! This week has definitely been a bit of a culture shock. This city is crowded..I will never ever complain about LA traffic again. This city at certain times of the day, well most times of the day will just shut down into a grid lock. It will take an hour to get somewhere that should normally take 10 minutes. Also lanes? What are those? No one needs to follow driving laws or for that matter laws of physics for that matter? I have never been so terrified to be in a car. Bangkok is also a very sexually driven town. On the street where our hotel is there are 25 Massage/Spa places alone and I would say 20 are the kind with a “special ending”. Traffic in ThailandI have only gotten a shoulder/neck massage so far but some of the guys in the group have been violated already. Not to mention the “Ping-Pong” shows…I will let you do with that what you will. Needless to say its an interesting city.

Unfortunately for all that fun there is a lot of poverty. It seems to be that the majority of the population are under the poverty line. Friday, my cabbie was working on his English by having a conversation with me and he said that everything here is money. The government has no plans in place to help the disabled, the elderly, or anyone who can’t/won’t work. You have to work to live here. Street CookThe street and night life is crazy here. You will see dogs and cats just running around. Street venders, food and merchandise, are prevalent and the street just seems to be where everyone hangs out.

Our first full day was Tuesday and what do we decide to do….go shopping! Our director Kobi got here a day before us so he had already checked out some stuff. He took us to Khaosan Road. It’s a giant open air street market place. There were 12 of us so we had to take a couple of cabs. Like I mentioned before traffic here is ridiculous so it took us a while to get there but when we were about ten minutes away our cab was pulled over by police. As soon as it happened the cabbie just started laughing his head off. It was all a little strange since we couldn’t quite figure out what law he had broken seeing as no one here seems to pay much attention to them. The policeman told him to pull over to the right side of the road and mind you here they drive on the other side of the road so we were facing on coming traffic…terrifying. Again cabbie is laughing, we are kind of laughing with him then screaming all while getting a ticket. We finally got back on the road about 10 minutes later. By the time we got to the place that Kobi had specified for us to be dropped off at the other part of our group was no where to be found.Kawashon Road So we decided to walk the length of the street to try and find them. Didn’t find them for about two hours but I certainly bought a lot in the time. It was so much fun because they barter with you and everything is dirt cheap. Once we caught up with the group we spent some time at a local watering hole. Then a couple people ate roasted Scorpion on a stick and roasted grasshoppers…I know I said I would be adventures with my food on this tour but there is something so wrong about being that close to a scorpion as any sane Arizonian will tell you! We had an amazing day full of laughs and excitement.

Wednesday we had rehearsal for the Dubbing, Out shows here are all dubbed in Thai. So we get to learn how to do a musical like an old school kung fu movie! It was hilarious and so much. After we went to the biggest mall in Bangkok…this was not as much fun as Khaosan Road. You couldn’t do much bartering and a lot of the prices were similar to the US…but I did manage to buy and amazing pair of heels and some nice perfume! The rest of the day was pretty quiet.

Thursday we went to the Theatre. Its an interesting space. Its basically a giant warehouse type thing. Its where you would set up a rock concert such as Justin Bieber will be performing across the way from us next week to which we have tickets…yes I will being seeing a Justin Bieber concert in Bangkok. So its very large and open which is kind of nice. We did a press junket and had some fun with the interviews. When they asked about the dubbing I mentioned how much I have always wanted to be in a Kung Fu movie..Luckily they think I’m funny here. Then we had a show and it was nuts!! P1000710The minute Princess and a Popstar sequence started in the second act we had a giant mosh pit of children at the front of the stage just jumping up and down trying to talk to us it was incredible. I got to give high fives from stage and grab hands…Craziness. For those of you who haven’t seen the show I play the Popstar in that moment. But in my eyes shes more of a rockstar! And I certainly felt like one!

The rest of the week is shows. Then load out Sunday night! Woot! Let’s get ‘er done Bangkok!


PS We found an arcade at the big mall! As you can see to the left!

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  1. Mary Miller November 3, 2013 at 2:00 PM #

    This is so cool. It is interesting to hear that Bangkok is so cultural. I was waiting for the picture to pop of you eating the fried scorpion. Some of the guys at work thought they were pretty good. Did anyone on the trip really try them and what was their opinion? It must have been fun getting to barter too. Did you have fun with the bartering? Thanks for the fun descriptions in your blog. I enjoyed it so much!

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