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Hello World!

Wow! What an amazing week in Hong Kong! This place is just like New York. I wish we were spending more time here. I feel like there is still so much to see. Apparently in order to live in Hong Kong you have to own an epic car. They’re everywhere, like Honda’s. There is a great little square with shops, cafes, and a fountain with lots of benches. I spend a lot of down time there.P1010673

The first night we got in Chelsea and I got to go to a Max & CO. runway show. My first fashion show and as a VIP…not too shabby! It was so much fun! We got dressed up, got to meet the designers but unfortunately I couldn’t afford anything…It was a 50’s themed line and luckily Chelsea and I dressed the part! We had a blast. After we thought we would grab a bite to eat at the Ritz Carlton bar and ended up at the highest bar in the world! OZONE. It was an amazing panoramic view of the harbor and the city. It was a memorable night full of firsts!

One of the first days here we went across to Hong Kong Island. There is a hundred year old tram that takes you up to the top of the tallest peak in Hong Kong. Where we got a 360 view of the city. P1010527It was beautiful. We made our was back down the hill into the city. Next we went to SOHO, which stands for south of Hollywood Road. Hong Kong was a originally a British colony and although China has technically bought it back it runs itself as a separate country all together. They have their own form of government and currency. Needless to say most of the roads are very western/European names. It was great walking around SOHO. It’s the arts district with lots of antique shops, eateries and art boutiques. We had lunch at an English pub and dinner at this amazing Vegan place. Candice is vegan and was bound and determined to find the place. P1010550The food was delicious but the company was even better. It was a girls day out. We walked around and found some fun places we will hopefully be able to get back to before we leave.

The shows in Hong Kong were incredible. Opening night we had a mosh pit of five year olds as usual but that night they attempted to get on the stage. We have a couple of characters that walk through the audience and onto the stage. These kids were smart they saw Rebecca do it and decided they were aloud to do the same. Luckily the ushers caught it before we actually ended up with children on stage. There were also a couple of audiences where the kids were screaming at me to tell me that Raquel had ripped my dress. They were out for blood. They yelled many things at poor Courtney such as “You ripped Teresa’s dress that’s not very nice” “you’re mean!” and my personal favorite “LIAR!!!”, while Courtney was taking her bow…lol Too cute! P1010589Then during the closing show I had one little girl yell at me before exit the stage during Princess and Popstar that I was her favorite actor! Yes I am inspiring children believe it or not! It was certainly an incredibly week of inspirational shows.

We hiked to the temple of One Thousand Buddhas. It was a very humbling place. There were probably two steps for every Buddha in the place but it was worth every sore muscle. The temples were gorgeous and every Buddha was completely and utterly unique. Whenever I think of a Buddha I think of the big, fat, happy guy with no shirt on. Apparently that isn’t the case. What I gathered from our time there is that a Buddha is like a profit and each on represents a different aspect of human life. P1010607Very much like the Greek Gods. There were Mausoleums. It was very spiritual and I took a moment there and prayed. The view was beautiful and we got to eat some amazing vegetarian Chinese food!

Last night after helping with load out and getting covered in motor oil, we went to the night market! It was very similar to the markets in Thailand but I got some great stuff and some presents including an awesome Mulberry bag!

Our last day in Hong Kong was spent at Disneyland! So magical! It is the same basic layout as the Anaheim park but it about half the size. They had a Toy Story Land which was definitely one of my favorite additions. I mean who doesn’t love Toy Story its like parfait. There was a great RC Racer ride that we went on about four times. The other great addition was the Mystic Mansion. It is there version of the Haunted Mansion but…dare I say it…so much better. P1010684The technology behind it was seamless. It was a dark ride mixed with a laser light show and there is a monkey involved so all good things. There was an awesome roller coaster called Grizzly Gulch. Now I saw that advertised and thought water ride! So I brought a change of clothes and wore a bathing suit…It is actually their take on Thunder Mountain Railroad, my favorite ride at Disneyland. Grizzly gulch way better. It shoots you off backwards and then forward again 0-60. It was a blast. Even found a churro. Got to meet up with a mutual friend of Nick and Courtney, Noelle. She just started a contract with Hong Kong Disney. It was nice getting to see someone from back home. Over all a needed magical day!

I have also started a tour project for myself. I am learning musicals that I could walk into immediately. I’ve started with four and will add more as we go! Off to Kuala Lampur!


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  1. Sarah Allyn Bauer October 19, 2013 at 10:18 PM #

    What a fabulous time you had!!! I hope you don’t forget us little people when you return 😉

  2. Mary Miller November 3, 2013 at 2:25 PM #

    This city sounds like so much fun. The experiences you have had will always be special.

    The buildings are beautiful.

    It certainly looks like you got your exercise at the “10,000 Monks” visit. How interesting that is though!

    I was excited to hear about Disneyland and how it compared to the one in California. It looked like so much fun and I really enjoyed the pictures.

    The modeling adventure and interviews seemed like real memories too.

    I didn’t know Andrea was born there so that was cool to find out too!

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