Kuala Lampur = Monkeys, Caves and a Trip!

Well Hello Kuala Lampur!

The past ten days have been crazy! The week started out very calm and relaxing. Some of the cast, myself included, have  taken the opportunity to start the Insanity 90 day work out challenge. IMG_2168To make it more interesting we have split up into small groups to see who holds out the longest! I’m on Team Rambo! It’s a lot of  fun and being 10 days in I can really feel results.

The first day Espinosa and I decided to take the train into town to kind of just get an idea what was around. So with out much of a plan besides, lets get off at the central station, we went exploring. Once off the train we decided, lets go to Chinatown. It seemed simple enough to get to on the map we had. Kuala Lampur is not a pedestrian city. There weren’t really sidewalks and trying to cross streets was an adventure all on its own. We eventually made our way to an office building to ask for directions. Now, you may be asking yourself “why didn’t they just take a cab?”, the answer lady’s and gents is that western woman are not liked here. It P1010761has been one of the biggest culture shocks yet. That being said, when we asked the first person we saw at the building we found for directions, he turned out to be a police officer. He was one of the nicest people. He said its wasn’t a place we could walk to and said he would take us there. Espinoza and I got a police escort to Chinatown. HE was really nice, gave us lots of safety advice and kept telling me I look like Sandra Bullock. We finally made it to our destination after promising to tell Obama, “Peace not War” (yes that was our payment for the ride lol).  Chinatown was fun and very different in some ways to the other markets we have found in the other cities. It had a lot of places that were for locals and not just tourist. We found a Christmas and a book store, which was fun. Also, a really intense meat/fish market. I’m sure you’ve heard of the cages that are filled to the brim with live Chickens, well we saw some of that and it was slightly traumatizing.

Next cool thing we did was go to the Batu Caves. These are huge caves that were transformed into temples and now are a tourist attraction. They are magnificent but it’s a little weird how one minute you’re looking at these beautiful cliffs full of vegetation and natural wonder, only to turn around and see a freeway. IMG_2116IMG_2105Monkeys were in abundance, kind of like pigeons, oddly enough there were an over abundance of them as well. But the Monkeys were very brave. I had been told by a friend to be careful because they could be fierce. Brenna and I got real henna tattoos by the entrance. About half way through mine I realized I was the genius who forgot about media the next day. Spent the next 24 hours trying fruitlessly to scrub it off. We walked up about a million stairs to get into the caves (after four days of insanity this is the last thing we wanted to do). The caves reminded all of us of Fern Gully, the cartoon movie from the 90’s. It was absolutely beautiful. We all just had to take a moment to appreciate God’s handy work.

Monkeys were all over the cave as well. They had been selling food to feed the monkeys. I had a granola bar in my bag and Brenna was dying to feed them. The minute Brenna opened the wrapping this monkey charged her.  He jumped up to grab it, missed but kept coming at her to get it. She dropped and he ran with it up the cave wall. It was terrifying but hilarious at the same time. We started to take pictures with another that was walking around us. IMG_2164I squatted down to get a good picture and she freaked out bared her teeth and chased me! At this point it was time to go. So we then walked back down the monstrous stairs and quickly headed back to the train before it started to rain.

The next day we had our first LIVE TV interview!P1010764 I was getting ready when I received an email telling me I would be leaving the next day for a last minute PR trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. It was all very over whelming. I immediately started packing for the trip and then packing up the rest of my bags because I would be missing the hotel transfer. We went and did the TV interview on Quickie TV. It’s like a late night talk show for teens. Apparently its been running for like 12 years. Crazy! The girls who hosted were so fun and made us feel right at home.

Chelsea and I left the next morning for Jakarta. It was a whirlwind of a trip! Got in on Wednesday went straight to the hotel, ate, went to bed woke up early the next morning, did a hour long press conference, then did 10 individual newspaper interviews and later that night did a TV interview! Yvinne, head of marketing, was amazing! She was with us every step of the way and showed us some great places to eat! We left the next morning, Thursday, and met the group at the new hotel.IMG_2189

Our new hotel is attached to the water park we are performing at this week, Sunway. It is absolutely gorgeous here. We are really far outside the city but our hotel is literally attached to a huge mall, a theme park and has an epic pool! What else could a girl need?

Saturday we did another press performance and this time it was the whole principle cast and that made it way more fun! There was ten times the amount of energy on stage and we got to finally introduce the other characters in the show at press. So much fun and the kids loved it. Today (Sunday) we tried to go to the water park because we were told with our passes we could get in. Apparently not the case, we first were let in and then were followed by a guard because he notice that we were not going in the direction of the amphitheatre. We tried to explain that we were not working just exploring the park. No one at security liked this and we were escorted back to the front. There was a lot of back and forth of if we could go in or not, the conclusion was no…We were very disappointed and spent the day by the pool. I know, what terrible problems we have. It was a great relaxing day! IMG_2192

Now off to bed! Tomorrow is a full day of rehearsal and the show opens Tuesday! So far Kuala Lampur has been exciting and full of unexpected twist lets see what else this city has in store for me!


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  1. Mary Miller November 3, 2013 at 2:30 PM #

    What an experience in Chinatown! Did you send your note to the President? That was a good story.

    The interviews all sound great and the pictures are really nice!

    Batu Caves looks like fun, particularly with the monkey! They are naughty, aren’t they? LOL

    Did you finally get to go to the water park? I saw some pictures on line and it looked beautiful. Now, being escorted out, was probably not! LOL

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