What People Are Saying


Quotes from Wild Party Reviews:

“Kristina Miller Ignites the stage as Queenie…” –Stage Scene LA

“…It’s Miller’s sizzling Queenie that proves to be the undisputed star of the show (she looks stunning, digs deep, and sings Lippa ballads like the gut-wrenching “How Did We Come To This” to powerful, poignant effect)…” – Stage Scene LA


Quotes from Serrano Reviews:

Kristina Miller shines in her smaller role of Don Malafonte’s gal Ang.” – Broadway World

“Stage/screen vet Barry Pearl and gorgeous newcomer Kristina Miller score in their terrific cameos as (respectively) Paulie/Stu Getz and Ang,” -Stage Scene LA

Quotes from Big Fish Reviews:

“Supporting turns are all-around terrific, from young Jude Mason’s adorably spunky Young Will to Kristina Miller’s absolutely lovely Josephine (Will’s pregnant young fiancée)” – Stage Scene LA

Quotes from Barbie, Live! The Musical Reviews:

Kristina Miller and Chelsea Bernier….two girls are true triple threats and as they sat on the stairs and sang ‘Rise Above It All’ I felt like I was watching Kristen Chenoworth and Idina Menzel 25 years ago.” – Stage Whispers

Kristina Miller plays the role well, quickly endearing herself to the audience of Barbie fans.” – Theatre People

Kristina Miller, playing Teresa, had a strong voice that really belted out her numbers.” – Theatre Press

Kristina Miller, also a capable singer-dancer, is chirpy and anxious as Teresa, and cheerfully brash as pop star Keira.” – Herald Sun

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