Shenzhen…We were there, then we left!

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So last week we were in Shenzhen. It is not as exciting as it sounds. Many became sick and/or injured. Definitely the biggest culture shock thus far on tour. It’s only about 30 years old and made from a landfill, so there’s not a lot of culture besides a different language and different food. We definitely felt like we were in a communist country. We were watched like hawks and not trusted anywhere. Everyone seems to be a chain smoker…my sinuses were not pleased. Because its so new everything is under construction and has an odd, eerie air about it. It was like being at the end of civilization. But luckily most of the week I was distracted by media, which was a lot of fun. We sang at a little kid pageant, a fashion contest ( the girls had designed and sewn their own dresses), and at a mall. We had a good time and kids were all having a blast. Shows went great and we were in a beautiful theatre.

One night Lauren and I had an epic adventure trying to find ice. Lauren is the wig designer/my dresser. She is a six foot tall, full figured woman with vibrant red hair. Needless to say she stands out. Keep in mind her description and mine as you read this story. We had been told they didn’t sell ice in China. Now, when you challenge Lauren she will accept and win. We went into a little market and asked for ice by showing them a chunk of ice that Lauren pulled out of the ice cream cooler. The nice woman at the market then got on the phone with a friend and proceeded to tell us that there was a man on a Vespa who was going to go and bring it back for us. We asked for two and then they said great you will need to go with him on the back of said Vespa with the guy. We said no just have him go get it and come back. Keep in mind this involved a lot of pantomime and simple words. Like I said before almost no one speaks English in Shenzhen. They said this was fine but we could only have one bag of ice. Cool. We wait about ten minutes guy comes back and literally has a BLOCK of ice in crate on the base of the Vespa…No bag…just ice. We didn’t want to complain because they had already gone above and beyond for us so we asked for a bag. The lady came back with a hammer and a thing you would Spackle a wall with and attempted to chisel away smaller piece. This worked for a whole two minutes till the plastic handle on the “chisel” broke. Then this other woman with crazy eyes takes the hammer and starts smashing the block apart. We are all just rolling on the ground laughing at this point cause its so ridiculous. WE are on the middle of a busy side walk trying to break apart this giant block of ice. Lauren began filming it at this point. Once the block was a manageable size the Crazy Eyes picks it up and just starts chucking it on the ground. We got all the pieces in bags and asked for the price. 5 yen…that’s about 60 cents…Ridiculous! We laughed the whole way home.

I also found the first really Mexican food since we left the states there. It was so good and made me homesick for Arizona.

Overall it was a good week, didn’t take many pictures, but we were all ready to get to Hong Kong!


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  1. Mary Miller November 3, 2013 at 2:19 PM #

    The ice story is very funny! It was probably even funnier being there when it happened!

    All the media events sounded like fun!

    I could not have been able to stand all the smoke. I am glad it didn’t get to you too much.

    It is too bad that there wasn’t more around to do and it wasn’t closer to the Great Wall of China so you could go see it, but since it is still being built up, I understand.

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