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 Sorry this is sooo Late!

What a great couple weeks of shows in Indonesia. We had a weekend in Surabaya and then a week in Jakarta. Both went incredibly well but the turn over was brutal. Our crew works so hard it’s stupid. But we were able to open in Jakarta with out a hitch. We haven’t had much time Jakarta mainly just seen our hotel, the sidewalk between our hotel and the mall, and the mall where our venue was located. I did get to see Hunger Games…twice. So good!! Very well done to all involved.

This week I’m going to talk about some stuff that doesn’t necessarily have to do with Barbie Live or tour in general. This week I want to talk about what I have learned.

I’ve been reading Rob Lowe’s Autobiography. It is all about his journey through the business. It has really opened my eyes to the concept of its all about the work and not about people pleasing. Now, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be nice to everyone you meet but it also means standing up for yourself. Making sure you are taken care of because if you sanity is in the balance then so is your ability to do your job. This book has given me a renewed sense of passion and hope when it comes to this business and has aloud me to up my game on stage. I have started to find new moments on stage and adding more layers to the characters I play. In fact our last day of shows in Surabaya was one of those days that all actors strive for everyday of their careers, that moment when everything falls into place. You know you are riding the wave and can say “Step aside and watch this.” It was a day full of magic, or should I say sparkle. I was on my game the whole time and didn’t miss a beat. I had those kids rolling with laughter and on the edge of their seats. This isn’t to sound pompous or say I’m better than anyone. I’m not, I just happened to have one of those days. I honestly never thought I would have one of those days on this tour simply because of the material. But I was happily proven wrong. I probably won’t have a another day like that with this tour but it renewed my love for this show and this job. If ever I get to meet Mr. Lowe I will shake his hand and thank him for inspiring me.

In Jakarta we had ‘Meet and Greet’ after every show. It was the usual talk to the kids tell them how cute they are and take pictures. After the Thursday night show a father carried his daughter over and sat her down next to me. She was probably around 5 years old. I had noticed she wasn’t wearing  shoes, which seemed slightly unusual, I look down and see one of her legs is covered in those warts that look like tree bark. That morning I had watched a special about how that strand of warts is prevalent in Indonesia and comes from the HPV virus. The virus eventually envelopes your limbs to the point where they are unrecognizable. And all those they try and cut the warts down they don’t have proper medical treatment to get rid of them. So you eventually develop Osteoporosis and your bones start to crumble. This little girl looked at me with these big sad eyes as she saw I noticed her leg. Her dad tried to breeze past it, probably because he thought I was uncomfortable. But I wasn’t. I just held this little girl and told her how brave and beautiful she was. It was the hardest picture I ever had to take because I knew that little girl was destined to a life of pain and sadness unless given proper treatment. I felt so small in that moment where a stupid sparkly dress and a diva wig. The minute I was back in the dressing room I just broke down but then Courtney reminded me of something. For two hours that little girl felt like a Princess or a Popstar or a Fairy or just plain special. Sometimes we forget how important a show like this is. As actors and artists we feel let down by material like this because it’s a “kids show”. But this “kid show” means everything to that little girl and girls like her. It reminds us that we are doing good work, we are changing lives even though its not Les Mis or Cabaret. We are affecting the world one little kid at a time. I will now always think of that little girl when I’m performing whether it’s a movie, musical, play or TV, she will be sitting in the last seat of the last row or the back of the sound stage waiting to be amazed and I will do everything in my power to make that happen. That little girl deserved so much more from life and I can only pray that our work instilled hope in her. I love my job. I am a storyteller. I allow people to escape for a couple hours into a world with problems that get resolved and anything is possible. I am an actor.

We are of to Bali for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to explore the tropics and check it off my bucket list.



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